DPLP DRC-20 token

DPLP new DRC-20 token created for DPLauch platform. Name: Doginals Pandas Launchpad Ticker: $DPLP Blockchain: Dogecoin Token standart: DRC-20


DPLP DRC-20 token will be used to gain access to new projects on DPLaunch platform together with Doginals Pandas NFT! Token holders will be able to take advantage of next possibilities:

  1. Reduced mint prices, free mints, airdrops or giveaways!

  2. Voting system for new projects in the future

  3. Access to the staking, farming, lending and borrowing in the future

DPLP token has a deflationary model. We will buyback tokens from the market using part of the profits from the platform!


Total Supply — 21M (100%) Max Supply — 21M Circulation Supply — 21M


Doginals Pandas NFT & PAND token holders airdrop: 45% Public sale: 45% Partnerships & future airdrops: 10% All PAND DRC-20 token holders will receive DPLP via airdrop (1 PAND = 1 DPLP) within 7 days after the end of the public sale. All Doginals Pandas NFT holders will receive 5000 DPLP for each NFT via airdrop in the future, because recently there was PAND token distribution for which everyone will receive DPLP tokens.


Public sale price: 0.05 DOGE per 1 DPLP!

The token sale is intended for:

  1. Continuing the high-quality development of our platform

  2. Improving functionality and introducing a new project selection system etc

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