How mint Lite Frogs using DOGE payment?

How to participate in mint! It's simple! Just take a few steps!

  1. Install one of the Dogecoin wallets:

    1. DogeLabs - 2. OrdiFind - 3. DPal- Make sure you have enough DOGE in your wallet! You can fund your wallet with any exchange! Only send DOGECOIN to your wallet!

  2. Open Lite Frogs mint page (PAY WITH DOGE) -

  3. Activate your wallet (just click on it) and then сonnect at the top of the page!

  1. Select the number of NFTs you want to mint, click mint button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  2. You will see the transaction hash in a pop-up window! Be sure to copy the transaction hash and fill out the form to receive Lite Frogs NFTs on Litecoin network!

  1. Your transaction must be confirmed. If your transaction has an unconfirmed status, then wait for it to be confirmed. Check your transaction in explorer: or

    After your transaction is confirmed on the Doge blockchain - fill out the Google form located on the mint page! Then sit back and relax. Your NFT will start appearing in your wallet, this may take up to 72 hours! Your patience is appreciated!

❗️ Please acknowledge, the Litecoin Ordinals ecosystem is at an early stage! This is still a high-risk territory: none of this is a solicitation to buy, sell or trade any assets. Use all services at your own risk.

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